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Shop with us, and help save a dog.  Featuring CBD Oil for stress relief.

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Saving Adult and Senior Shepherds

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary rescues and saves adult and senior German shepherds, shepherd mixes and at risk dogs.


Foster, Adopt, Forever Home

Sedona Shepherd's goal is to find forever homes for our dogs.  We have foster homes and boarding facilities. If we do not find a suitable adopter, every dog is guaranteed to live his or her natural life with Sedona Shepherd.


Helping Our Cause By Shopping

You can help save support Sedona Shepherd just by shopping.  All profits from sales of items are donated back to Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary.  A German Shepherd Rescue.

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Help support Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary by shopping with our online store and our affiliates.  Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary rescues adult and senior German Shepherds, mixes throughout New Jersey and surrounding areas.  Our store includes great ideas for your dog and pet.  We sell 100% organically grown CBD oil to help with stress relief for you and your pet.

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